Avaris to Avanim
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Guide for Transliterating Semitic Languages

For those who have had the joy of learning Semitic languages, like Hebrew, Aramaic, Ugaritic, and Akkadian, that joy may have been somewhat softened by having to write papers that require transliteration.  For instance, converting ח into ḥ would involve copy and pasting the character from another document or sifting through the "Insert Special Character" dialog.  Of course, this is tedious and time-consuming over the course of writing a paper and makes real-time note taking with a laptop virtually impossible.

What is Common? A Reflection on Peter's Vision in Acts 10.

It might seem odd for someone with a Hebrew Bible background to begin their first real theological post in the New Testament, but as often might be the case for Christians who spend time in the Old Testament, you begin to see familiar passages from a different angle and with richer meaning.  In this case, the familiar passage of Peter's vision in Acts 10, which is given to justify Peter's evangelism to Gentiles, makes a peculiar (and seemingly dangerous) argument: That God can change the rules.

Pursuing Holiness

This site is an outlet for my writings that aren't quite ready for a traditionally published work but are meatier than typical social outlets.  Avaris was the capital city of the Hyksos in Egypt, which later became Pi-Ramesses, the probable site mentioned as a store city where the Israelites were enslaved and the starting point of the Exodus. 

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