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Through the Gates of Splendor: A Memorial to Elisabeth Elliot

In the Spring of 2004, I went on a mission trip to Ecuador through Taylor World Outreach, a program run at the college I attended.  We spent a few days in Quito at the beginning and end of our trip, but the bulk of our work was centered around Shell, where we stayed in the hospital built by Jim Elliot and Nate Saint, whose story is chronicled by Elisabeth Elliot in Through the Gates of Splendor.  The above picture is of the bridge we crossed daily to reach the hospital and village.

Lent Reflections from the Gospel of John: Culture War and Death

In past years, I have celebrated Lent with some form of fasting.  Initially, it was simply giving up meat (no small matter for my appetite) and/or other dietary things.  I had not celebrated Lent in any meaningful way until I had entered Seminary and attended a Free Methodist church which followed liturgical seasons.  The fasting was difficult and at times mundane but served as a continual reminder to the season of Lent.

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